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Would you like to be a Reviewer/Co-Blogger for The Talking Bookworm?

Hey Guys! I have some exciting news! I’m looking for someone to join The Talking Bookworm family. In other words, I’m looking for a co-blogger.

If you are interested in writing book reviews and becoming a part of The Talking Bookworm family then keep on reading.

You don’t have to be an experienced blogger, but there are some requirements.


You are committing yourself to posting a discussion post or book review once a week.

You need to have a twitter!

You must be a YA literature fan.

Genre’s I’m hoping you can cover are:

YA – Fantasy/Paranormal
YA – Dystopian
YA – Historical Fiction

I read a lot of YA Contemporary, NA contemporary, YA Romance, and NA Romance, so those are covered for the most part, but that doesn’t mean you can’t review a contemporary book occasionally.

You will need to participate in Contemporary Conversations in March/April 2016.

If you are interested in joining the The Talking Bookworm family, please fill out the form below. I will be closing out the form 2 weeks from now, on Sunday, November 1st.

**Update: Application has been closed early. Thank you all for applying!**

Editor Letter

Update of the Blog (and my life)

So…. I said I was making a comeback right? Well… life got in the way. AGAIN. The move was more time-consuming than I had imagined. Unpacking twelve boxes of books (and that’s not counting the school books I’ve collected over the years and my mom’s reference books) was very time-consuming and well unpacking the rest of the house too. (I haven’t been able to organize my shelves yet, I just threw the books on them and it makes me sad. My babies are misplaced in the incorrect order. *cries*)

My cousin came over last weekend and she brought her three little munchkins with her. I love them, but they did not let us get any reading done. (I got her into reading the Divergent trilogy and she’s hooked. She’s gonna hate me when she finishes Allegiant though…) So another weekend without reading a book. Hopefully this weekend (I have nothing planned) I will be able to get some reading done and actually finish a book. I’m in the middle of 4 right now. (I know, I know, shame on me!)

I do promise I will start posting more often. My goal is twice a week. At least a review and a meme (most likely Top Ten Tuesday).

To those who are still following me, thank you for continuing to follow me even though I haven’t posted new content in several weeks. For the new followers I’ve miraculously obtained, thank you for following me even though my posts are scattered at best right now.

Hope you’re all having a great week and have a wonderful weekend!

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Editor Letter

I’m still alive. I promise.

Hello Fellow Readers and Bookworms,

First I want to let you all know that I am alive and well! After Contemporary Conversations ended, life decided to get busier and I was also feeling a little burnt out, so I decided to take an unplanned hiatus from blogging. I couldn’t even read. Ask Kayla (The Thousand Lives) or Anjie (Love Thy Bookshelf). They know how miserable I have been because I haven’t been able to read.

Kayla and I went to YALLWEST the second week of April and it was AWESOME. I was planning on writing a post, but life got in the way, and alas, there is not post. I’m still planning on writing one, but it won’t be as in depth as I had originally planned for it to be.

I do have good news though. I am over this horrible burnt out hangover and I can finally read again so some reviews are coming. So please anticipate them.

Sorry to all my fellow book bloggers whom blogs I have also neglected to read and have not commented on, but I’m coming back and hopefully with full force.

(Also, will be making a book haul post because when a book blogger can’t read, she buys an insane amount of books. )

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Editor Letter

My nest is now empty

I write this post today to let you all know that Anjie who has been with me for a year and a half (I was by myself for the first seven months) has now flown away from the nest and has created a book blog of her own. While I am saddened that she has left my blog, I’m also very happy for her and wish her great book blogging success. I encourage you all to go check it out as she has already posted her first piece ever. Congratulations my dear!

Anjie’s Blog: Love Thy Shelf

Editor Letter

2 Year Blog Anniversary!

So, I am the most horrible person in the world. I FORGOT MY OWN BLOG ANNIVERSARY. The Talking (Blogging) Bookworm turned two years old on December 2014. I started this blog December 2012 when I was still a college student (I was in my senior year. This blog was my coping mechanism for the craziness that your college senior year is). It’s crazy to see how much it has grown in two years. I’ve met some of the best people because of this blog and that only pushes me to continue this and to not stop blogging anytime in the near future. My second year wasn’t my best. Entering the working world was much harder for me that I realized, but I’m back and I’m here to stay.

I want to thank everyone who has read my reviews and has followed my blog. I’m thankful for each and every one of you. You guys are one of the reasons why I keep blogging. Here is to a better third year! Huzzah!

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Editor Letter

The Horror of Falling Behind – Bookish Edition

*cue ominous music*

Today, I’m going to talk about something that is difficult for me to discuss because… I will be telling the whole world that I have failed at something. What have I failed at? ARC Reviewing. How bad is it? Pretty bad…

One of the best things of being a book blogger is the chance of receiving ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies). You feel elated when you’re approved or contacted. It’s like YES, I have done something right with my life, but at a certain point you start to get a little complacent and before you know it BOOM it’s happening. You are way way behind.

It’s such a horrible feeling to know that these authors and publishers are counting on you and you’ve failed them by not posting the reviews on time. For not reading the books. I feel super super guilty.

I hardly ever request ARC’s on like NetGalley unless I know I have time to read them. I’m very careful to see what I am requesting and if it is realistic that I will be able to do what I am telling them that I can do.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you feel guilty or brush it off?


Editor Letter

Life + Book Blogging = Cannot Compute



I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while. I feel really bad that I haven’t been able to post a lot of reviews and such on this blog for the past couple of weeks. Ever since I started my new job in February at a non-profit organization my life has been CRAZY. Working part-time (or full-time some weeks), and going to school half time leaves me with little time, and the little time that I do have, I use it to sleep or mindlessly watch youtube videos (cause I canceled netflix. I KNOW. I regret it now).

I have tried to read and at times I fail because I’m just too exhausted to concentrate on the story unfolding before me. The few books I have read, I don’t have enough to say about the book to justify a review. I’m finally catching up on my ARCs though (sort of).

All of this is to say please bear with me until the end of May. After May school is over and while I will be working full-time, I no longer have to worry about going to my night classes, doing homework, and all that school shenanigans.

I will be back! I promise! I just have to figure out this life stuff first and I’m all yours!

I will be posting stuff while I’m still in school, it’s just going to be all over the place. No set schedule at all. 🙂


Editor Letter

Los Angeles Times Book Festival 2014

Hello Everyone!

Two weekends ago, The Los Angeles Times hosted a Book Festival at USC, in Los Angeles, California. As someone who was originally going to go last year, but college got in the way, now that I am out of college I was excited to finally have the opportunity to go!

I only went one day out of the two day festival. I bought the fancy VIP pass thing (I totally forgot the name of the pass… Oops!) so that I would be able to get my talk-tickets in advance before they went out on sale to the general public. I feel like a snob because I was able to do that, but oops, too late. 😉

2014-04-12 10.58.06

Kayla and I went together on Saturday, and boy was it an adventure. I picked her up bright and early around 7:40 so that we could get an early start and avoid some of the LA morning rush (Yes, LA has a rush even on Saturdays). After driving a little under three hours we arrived at USC.

We arrived later than we wanted too, so we made an executive decision and we decided to hit the vendor and exhibitor tables after the Testing The Boundaries in YA Literature panel which featured the moderator and author Aaron Hartzler, and author panelists Rainbow Rowell, E. Lockhart, Adam Smith, and John Corey Whaley.

2014-04-12 12.00.28-2

This panel was fantastic! Each author talked about pushing the boundaries in different ways in literature. Rainbow Rowell with social anxiety issues, E. Lockhart with medical and interracial relationships, Adam Smith with horny giant mantis’ (and that is one book I won’t be reading), and John Corey Whaley with a story about a teen that gets his head frozen and comes back later with a new body. Freaky stuff right? The panelists all seemed to be friends which helped with the atmosphere of the panel and the room. The amount of thought that went into each answer was incredible and Kayla and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

After the panel, Kayla and I headed to the Rainbow Rowell signing. I was so bummed that I forgot to bring my E. Lockhart books, but I’ll get them signed next year. We waited for hours in that line and at the end we have a signature in our book, and a sunburn on our necks to show our perseverance.

After lunch and little bit of wandering around, we split up and I went to the Adrenaline Rush panel at the YA Stage.

2014-04-12 16.05.18

The Adrenaline Rush Panel started at 4:30pm. I was blessed with Aaron Hartzler’s presence once again as a moderator (He is a really good moderator and his personality just shines, so I was thrilled!) and the author panelists were Lauren Oliver, Abby McDonald (representing Abigail Hass, one of her pen names), Stephanie Kuehn, and Sarah Skilton. Each author’s book dealt with “adrenaline” one way or another. Panic by Lauren Oliver is about teens entering a life-threatening game, Dangerous Girls by Abigail Hass (Abby McDonald) is about a teenage girl who gets framed for her best friends’ murder, High and Dry by Sarah Skilton is about a boy who gets framed for a near-fatal drug over dose of a peer, and Charm and Strange by Stephanie Kuehn is about a boy who thinks he is a monster.

2014-04-12 16.33.40

The panel’s discussion was fantastic that I didn’t even notice I got more sunburned as I sat for another hour in the sun. The authors were so kind and answered all of the questions thrown at them—even questions not about the panel—but about being a author in general and their journeys to where they are today. After the panel was over, it was signing time! I was able to get one of my Abby McDonald books signed. She is such a sweetheart and I absolutely love her. I was also able to get Pandemonium signed by Lauren Oliver. Ms. Oliver is so funny and great. She said she hated worms, but would keep my blog business card anyways. At first I didn’t understand why she was telling me she was afraid of worms, but she would keep my business card anyways, and then it dawned on me my blog name is TALKING BOOKWORM. Talk about a fail moment right there.

Earlier when I was wandering the vendor booths before the panel, I found a signed copy of TFIOS in the Young Readers Penguin Booth Store. I was absolutely thrilled! Veronica 1, John Green Signing line 0.

2014-04-12 23.11.14 2014-04-12 23.11.25


Overall, it was a great experience and something I would love to do again!

2014-04-12 18.05.58
The end of the festival, Day 1
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[POLL CLOSED] What Should Veronica Read Next? & Book Reading Slump

Hello everyone! Did you see I just posted a review about an hour ago?! I know. I’m shocked too. Right now I’m in a transition period. New Job and Back in School Part Time.

Those two factors have put me in a sort of reading slump because I don’t feel like I can commit my time completely to a book. I am in the middle of four books (I think) and I can’t keep reading them or go back to them. I’m thinking of doing a poll, a “What Should Veronica Read Next” poll.

Here are the books I sort of want to read. I need your help to choose the next book I will read. The books listed in the poll is a combination of books I own that I haven’t read and review copies. Please help me!

Editor Letter

I’m Sorry

Hello readers,

are you still there?

Veronica here… I know it feels that I have abandoned you guys, but that is not the case. I just finished a two week training at work and I just moved into a new place. Moving + new job = MIA Veronica.

I have been reading though! I finished Crash Into You by Katie McGarry a week ago, and I am reading other ARC’s at the moment. I’ll be writing reviews and will be posting them in the following days.

Please bare with me this month of November as I get used to my new place, new job, new everything it seems.

Alright enough of my excuses, I’m going to go write some reviews!