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[POLL CLOSED] What Should Veronica Read Next? & Book Reading Slump

Hello everyone! Did you see I just posted a review about an hour ago?! I know. I’m shocked too. Right now I’m in a transition period. New Job and Back in School Part Time.

Those two factors have put me in a sort of reading slump because I don’t feel like I can commit my time completely to a book. I am in the middle of four books (I think) and I can’t keep reading them or go back to them. I’m thinking of doing a poll, a “What Should Veronica Read Next” poll.

Here are the books I sort of want to read. I need your help to choose the next book I will read. The books listed in the poll is a combination of books I own that I haven’t read and review copies. Please help me!

9 thoughts on “[POLL CLOSED] What Should Veronica Read Next? & Book Reading Slump”

  1. Voted! I’ve only read Paper Towns, but I totally didn’t vote for that one. Haha. I was like “Uh, I heard a few good things about that one… I guess it’s a good choice. *click*” Haha.

  2. I was just in a book slump for the same reason…school. I read Mindy Kalings book and it got me back into reading and finishing books. I definitely think Paper Towns will do the same for you!

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