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The Horror of Falling Behind – Bookish Edition

*cue ominous music*

Today, I’m going to talk about something that is difficult for me to discuss because… I will be telling the whole world that I have failed at something. What have I failed at? ARC Reviewing. How bad is it? Pretty bad…

One of the best things of being a book blogger is the chance of receiving ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies). You feel elated when you’re approved or contacted. It’s like YES, I have done something right with my life, but at a certain point you start to get a little complacent and before you know it BOOM it’s happening. You are way way behind.

It’s such a horrible feeling to know that these authors and publishers are counting on you and you’ve failed them by not posting the reviews on time. For not reading the books. I feel super super guilty.

I hardly ever request ARC’s on like NetGalley unless I know I have time to read them. I’m very careful to see what I am requesting and if it is realistic that I will be able to do what I am telling them that I can do.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Do you feel guilty or brush it off?


9 thoughts on “The Horror of Falling Behind – Bookish Edition”

  1. I don’t feel guilty because it’s impossible to stay on top of every release date. Also, because any book 6 months out from release is considered backlist, even “dated” arcs need some review love. Any time you can write a review it’s good publicity. You just have to do what you can.

    (That said I find my own mental health is a lot better when I do NOT have a huge stack of for review books waiting to be read so I can do things in my own time.)

    1. I think I feel more guilty because most of the books I take long to read are the ones that I am not really fond of. So its not really good publicity at least half of the time for them, but what can I do right?
      But yes less books on my list, me happier. 🙂

  2. OMG, it’s like you can read my mind! I’m so far behind on my ARCs that they’re not ARCs anymore and I can hardly live with myself from all of the guilt. I’m actually planning on trying to make up for it after I finish the book that I’m currently reading but I’m terrified that it’s too late and they’ll never approve me again 😦

    1. You should totally read misprint’s comment below. She made me feel less guilty, but I’m right there with you. I fear I will not be approved anymore either! YIKES! But we can do this! Let’s have faith and push on! 🙂

  3. This post is my life (except I’m pretty sure I’ve let everyone know I am in the dumps with my past-ARCs that haven’t been completed).
    Goodbye 100%. It was nice knowing you for the one second that you were present. I’m now pretty hesitant to request more (even though I really want to) because I just knooooow I’m doomed to fail again.


  4. EURGH. I feel all the guilty. Back when I was a newbie blogger, I went on a requesting spree on NG and got approved for something like 50 books. I still have 15 I need to read, and I haven’t requested anything in over a year. A YEAR. This makes me feel so guilty, because I know those books deserve and need to be read – because that’s why I was given the opportunity to read them.

    And every time I go about choosing my next book to read, I do seriously consider my NG books. I really do. But for some reason, they always fall behind my publisher physical review copies and ARCs, and I just feel myself falling farther behind in my NG timeline.

    I really really do want to get them all read and done. I mean, for the ones that have expired – I’ve bought them all so that I can review them. I guess the next step is to actually review them >.<

    1. Omg I’ve done the same! I’ve bought the copies that expired! I’m finally getting around to reading them, but ughhhh I know what you mean. I still have 5 to read. Five more!!! At least my percentage went up on NG. It’s at 71% now. lol

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