Editor Letter

Changing the template for Book Reviews

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely Tuesday.

I’m announcing today that I am changing my book review template so I can better evaluate and review books. The parts that I’m changing are the main sections, “What I like” and “What I dislike” to “Initial Thoughts” and ” Review”. A reason why I am changing how books are reviewed is because my old template is basically saying that the book I am reviewing has both good stuff and negative stuff. Sometimes that isn’t the case so I’ve created a new template where I can criticize and analyze books in a better and more efficient way.

That is all and I hope you guys have a great week! 


– Veronica


Editor Letter, Random

Blog Update/ Changes coming your way!

I’ve been debating whether to write a few book reviews on books I’ve read in the past or to keep things as they are. A few examples of books I might review are The Host, Vampire Academy Series, Bloodlines series, some books written by Sarah Dessen, and a few others. After much thought, I’ve decided to re-read some old books and write reviews on them. I want older books to get as much exposure as new and upcoming books are.

Previously, my book reviews didn’t have a set structure, I wrote whatever came to mind. This unorganized system worked for some time but I am not happy with it anymore. Book Reviews from now on will have a 3 part structure. This structure consists of a synopsis, what I liked, and what I disliked. Very simple yet effective. I want my reviews to have some substance to them but I don’t want them to be very long either.

Another thing I’m adding to this blog is something I’m calling Book Spotlight. This is basically my personal recommendation of a book with a synopsis of it. I will also write what other books are similar to the one that is on the “spotlight”.

Calendar (Can change without notice)

  1. Book reviews on books I’ve read in the past will be posted once a month on Saturday. (I’m trying to make this the first Saturday of the month)
  2. Book Spotlight will also be once a month but on Thursday. (The second Thursday of the month)
  3. Book Reviews on books I’m currently reading will be posted after I’ve finished reading a book. (These reviews have no set date)

The new changes will take effect in the month of March.

Sorry for such a lengthy post and I hope it was understandable.

Happy Reading!