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Well hello there. Long time no talk.

(I am writing this as I contemplate if I should turn on the floor heating or not. It is actually not that cold, but for a Southern Californian like me… it’s freezing. But I’m starting to appreciate the weather when it is not below freezing point. For Americans like myself that would be below 32 F and for the rest of the world including South Korea, I’m happy when it’s not below 0 C. )

I’ve been in South Korea for almost 3 months. I left California August 15th, and arrived in South Korea on August 16th. It feels as if I just got here, but also as if I’ve been here a while. I can’t point out why, but I think it is because I am finally getting used to life here and… I like it.

For those who may not know, I am currently a NET or Native English Teacher (some call me a GET/Guest English Teacher) in South Korea. I teach elementary and middle school students English as a Foreign Language. This is my first “official” teaching job and it is nothing how I thought it would be, but sometimes it is good to not have expectations when going into something. I really love my students. I think once I complete my one-year contract if I don’t renew, I will miss them a lot. They make my day brighter with their adorable faces. My middle school students are 7-9th graders and they are a handful, but teaching them is rewarding. I’m starting to create common ground with my students and it’s making them want to participate in class more. We all know when we are forced to learn a second or third language in school, no one really wants to. All students have that in common regardless of their cultural background or location.

Living by myself in another country is definitely making me grow as a person. I’m a person that is normally surrounded by friends or family and even though I am half an introvert, I needed to learn to be alone. I am definitely practicing that in South Korea. Especially because I got placed in the Gangwon-Do Province. It is the most rural province in South Korea with the lowest population number when compared to all the other provinces. I am the only foreigner in my town. I live in the same 14 stories apartment complex along with most of my students. Everywhere I go in town I hear “TEACHER TEACHER.” Students here are excited to see the foreign teacher. They also always tell me I’m beautiful so South Korea has definitely brought up my self-esteem. Haha.

Not having physical books has been tough here in South Korea. I brought my Nook HD+ with me because I knew I would have to read books on an e-reader, but sometimes you just want to hold a physical book. I did cave and bought two books from the book depository. So now at least I have two physical books. Sad thing is I will have to leave them here when I go back to USA.

I will be ending it here before this turns into a research paper length post instead of the essay I have just given you.

I will try to post more about my adventures here in South Korea in the coming weeks. But for now know I am doing well and thank you for being a loyal reader of the blog.


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The Writers Column

This Week!

Writers Corner

So is  clearly a little late coming from me this week, but when life is getting crazy you just gotta work around it.

Lets Talk Life!

So this past weekend I was in Bethany Beach. My friends and I are at the stage in our lives when people are going to start turning 30. We celebrated the first of us this weekend. It was fun. We pooled most of the days, went to the beach at night, and generally just hung out. I don’t see these enough- our lives are all crazy and we live in different places now so I cherish the moments we do get to spend with each other.

I only worked two days this week. My sister’s wedding in July 3- this Sunday- and it ‘s crazy to think that a year has gone by  so quickly. How does that happen? It seems like only yesterday she was getting engaged. And so much has changed. But it’s important to always remember that change is good. So this week, I’ll probably cry more than I ever have- as I am NOT a crier. I do have one admission, as the MOH I still haven’t  written my speech. I really don’t know what to say about my sister and her fiance.

Lets Talk Books!

A Matter of Truth (Fate, #3)I decided to put down some new books and do a reread of some oldies but goodies. Specifically The Fate Series by Heather Lyons. I adore this series- it is four and a half books- because it analyzes all different kinds of love. The love we have for ourselves, the love we have for our family (and who is considered our family whether they are blood or not), the love we have for our friends, and the love we have for our significant others/partners/lovers. I read this series for the first time last year and it still makes me very emotional. My favorite out of the series is A Matter of Truth where the main character is finally able to come to terms with her life and fate and what she truly wants. If you get a chance, go read it!

As far a up coming reads are concerned, a few authors have reached out to me about reading their books. So I will be starting this list and hopefully getting through these books in the next two weeks. Might be a bit hard to read with the wedding this week.

Refuse by Joanne Mcgregor.

Refuse (Recoil Trilogy, #2) I’ve read two of her others novels and really like her style of reading. Refuse is the second book in her new dystopian series. I did read and review Recoil

The Girl in the Time Machine by Debra Chapoton

The Girl in the Time Machine

I do love time travel novels, so when the author reached out to me I couldn’t say no after reading the synopsis.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Timekeeper (Timekeeper, #1)

I went directly to the publisher to request this novel. I feel like I’ve heard about this story recently so I figured “Why not?”. It is my m/m. I am excited to start down this road.

Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig

Last Seen Leaving

This is another novel I’ve seen around quite frequently, so I decided that I wanted to read it. It sounds very interesting.

So that’s it  for me this week. Whats going on with everyone else?

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The Writers Column

This week!

Writers Corner

SO Veronica and I decided to start something new on the blog. The Writers Column is going to be an area for us to tell you all what’s going on with us. We aren’t always reading books, or like me, I am not always reading books that I will review, but I still want to talk to you all about it. This will be posted on a weekly basis, with Veronica and I switch  each week. You should see this on Mondays.

Let’s Talk Life!

My life recently has gotten crazy. My sister’s wedding is in two and a half weeks, meaning my weekends have been sucked up by wedding stuff. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but it gets to be exhausting. I am looking forward to having my weekends back after July 4th. And I am really looking forward to reading at a better pace. I did get to go zip lining and tackle a ropes course for my sister’s bachelorette party. It was challenging and so fun! Those harnesses are not human friendly… saw a lot of junk I didn’t want to see, hehe.


Given that it’s summer, of course I have to talk about my summer vacations! At the end of June I will be in Dewy Beach celebrating a wonderful friend’s 30th birthday. It going to be so much fun, but it’s also scary- she’s the first of us to turn 30. But why is 30 so scary? I have no idea. I still have a year and a half before I hit the big 3-0. However, the scary 3-0 won’t stop me from enjoying the sun and sand and tan. I am also heading to Disney World in August. Most of you probably don’t know this, but my brother works for Disney at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. He’s their communications specialist for cast members. He moved away from MD (where I’m from) three years ago, so it’s a challenge but it also gives me more opportunities to go to Disney!

Let’s Talk Books!

APOLLYCONSo, Apollycon was recently announced and tickets went on sale June 3rd. I was able to buy a ticket so I will be there in March 2017! Super pumped! I was able to grab a Titan Pass too! If anyone else is going, please let me know! I am so down for a meet up! And given that it’s in Orlando, I’ll be going to Harry Potter too! I am all about the more the merrier so let me know!

I know there haven’t been a lot of reviews recently, but given my life above, hopefully that will change in July. I do have a few reviews schedules- The Problem With Forever, And I Darken, The Ending I Want, PLUS a few ARCs I was able to grab! Currently though, I am making my way through Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series. I have been putting this off for awhile because it’s so massive. I like comparing it to Game of Thrones. I am almost finished Heir of Fire and I am so ready for what happens next. A couple of things:

  1. My OTP will always be Chaol/Celaena. You won’t change my mind on this. However, I understand that people and circumstances change and not all relationships are meant to be. Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)
  2. I am still not over Sam Cortland and I, on a daily basis, punish myself by listening to The Assassin and The Underworld playlist Maas created. I can usually be found crying at my desk at some point in time during the day while A Life So Changed plays. It also doesn’t help that Titanic is my souls weakness and I will always cry.
  3. Sarah J. Maas is perfect and her playlists on Spotify are the best things ever. They really get me through my work days and tell a story of their own. So thank you for that.
  4. Dorian was a ninny… but my opinion of him may be changing, depending on what happens in Queen of Shadows. I really need him to step up.
  5. Speaking of stepping up- Ima need Chaol to stop waffling. Pick a side and stick with it.
  6. Aedion is a God and I can’t wait to see him and Celaena fighting together.
  7. Manon… I am not entirely sure of this witch…
  8. And finally- MEAVE GTFO. Thanks.

I hope you all like this column. If there is anything in particular you want to see from Veronica and myself, please, let us know! We are always looking for new, fun ways to entertain you all.

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