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Top Ten Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag


Thank you to The Brooke and The Bookish for creating this wonderful meme!

openroadsummer_hires_cover no quote.jpg

Open Road Summer is the perfect beach read because it has that wonderful summer feeling. This book will only enhance your beach experience.


You might start to see a trend, and that trend is that most of the books on my list are books you will experience happy gushy feelings over. Someday Maybe is not light, but it makes you feel all the feels. It’s sweet at times, it is heart-wrenching at other times. Overall, perfection.

When I go to the beach, I laze around for a while. I don’t automatically go in. I like to have an umbrella, break out the chips and drink, and read for a while first. This book is slow to start, but perfect for the beach because it will help you kill time in the morning before the beach scene intensifies. Or if you like to get in the water first, well then it’s the perfect book to kill time while you wait for everyone to leave at sundown.

This book makes me feel all the feels. Racing Savannah has a strong female character, a hot cowboy, and horse racing. It just makes me happy okay. READ IT!

Another book that makes you feel all the feels. This is one of my babies. I’ll cradle it and hold it. It’s the perfect companion at the beach.


This book might not be the best beach read because it will make you cry rivers, but I honestly think it would be a perfect beach read. A must in your beach bag.


The reason I am putting this in my beach bag/beach read is because… well Isaiah is hot. The beach is hot. If someone sees me blushing or getting a little hot no one will know it’s because of the book. They’ll just assume it’s because I’m at the beach. Muahahaha.6936382

Adorable. Cute. Loveable. Need I say more? No, I don’t think I do. READ IT!

amy-and-rogers-Epic-DetourThis is a book I think will be enchanted if read at the beach. It just has that summer lazy vibe. (Warning: lots and lots of feels and not all happy and gushy.)11071466This last book is a book that makes a lot of people cry. It’s bittersweet like chocolate. It’s good, we want it, but oh man does it hurt too. I’m all for reading emotional books at the beach because if you decide to face down, people will think you are taking a nap or tanning. No need to explain that you are a puddle of feels.

What are some of your must have in beach bag recommendations?

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