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Reading slump?

Hello lovely readers. This week I have something to discuss with you all and that is the so called “reading slump” and that I have been affected by it in some form or way this September and a bit this month.

I haven’t posted many book reviews because I’ve been reading for fun at times or I’ve picked up five different books which after reading only 30 pages or less, I have abandoned them. I don’t even want to update my goodreads current reading list because I keep adding and taking off books.

For a book blogger not reading is dangerous because that means no book review posts and honestly, I love to write those things even though every time I have to write one I moan on the inside and dread it. I believe a part of the reason I do is because I want to convey my words the best possible way without sounding cliche or boring. I also want to do the book and author justice by writing a good review (not talking about rating, but about the quality of my review).

I believe that my dread of writing book reviews, my busy schedule, my internship, and other things going on have pushed me into some sort of reading slump. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, but after running this blog for almost a year now, I panic if I can’t read. It almost feels like the end of the world. How can I do features if I’m not reading much?

How do you all deal with the pressure of having to constantly read?

(Also, I’ve finally gotten interested in a book and I’m halfway through it… The sad part… It’s not a part of my to do a book review for pile. Oops.)

– Veronica

3 thoughts on “Reading slump?”

  1. I have yet to actually fall into a reading slump, but I definitely know the anxiety feels. I haven’t been able to get too much reading done recently due to my two week-long field trips, and my 284792384 university assignments, and just life in general. Reading and blogging are two of my top favourite things to do, and when I’m not reading, that means that the blog’s focus kind of isn’t really there – cue stress.
    But hopefully you won’t get too anxious, as I think everyone understands that reading and blogging can’t always be right up there in the list of priorities!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and understanding. 🙂 It is stressful when life get’s in the way. Good luck on your assignments! I’m so happy I am done with those for the moment being. 🙂

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