Tuesday Meme

Five Bookish Habits I Want To Quit


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Moment of truth. Let’s be real today.

There are many things I hate doing, but I always do them. We all have them, but we don’t want to tell anyone, especially if you are a book blogger *hides*. But I will be truthful today and I have a feeling at least some of you are doing of the same things I am. At least I tell myself that to feel better. Whatever works right?

1. Start A Book and Leave It Aside For Several Months

Ahhhh… Yes. I do this a lot. I do this more as the years go by. I told myself I would never be one of those readers that started books and would not finish them for months at a time and… I became one. Shame on me. I hope I change that new habit soon.

2. Not Review Guilty Pleasure Reads

My guilty pleasures are either New Adult or YA Fantasy books. I tell myself I don’t know much about the subject, therefore I cannot make an educated review. BULLCRAP I tell you. I need to start writing reviews on books that I LOVE. Honestly, I think it’s the fear of not properly reviewing it due to fan-girling that stops me from writing reviews on those type of novels.

3. Buy Books That I Won’t Read In The Next Six Months

YALLWEST. I bought ALL THE BOOKS at YALLWEST. Have I read any that I bought? NO. I need to stop. So far, I’ve successfully changed my ways in the last few months, but I hope I keep being good and don’t binge buy books one day.

4.Buy Books because they are cheap, not because I want them

I feel like that goes with number 3, but it also has to be addressed as its own topic. Who apart from me is guilty of at least doing this once? *raises hand* I’m right there with you. I’ve been really good at not buying books just because they’re cheap this year, but last year is a whole other story. I lived in Texas for three months and there was a Half Price Books right around the corner. I’m sure you can fill in the rest. O_O

5. Tell Myself I have to read a book in one-sitting

This is a new one I’ve been struggling with. I used to have the time to read books in one go, but each day we get busier and there are new things that need to be done and in turn makes it not possible to a read book in one sitting. I wish I had 3-4 hours at a time to read and not feel guilty. I also like to procrastinate at times so… that’s also why I put of reading. Yes, I need help. *cries*


Any of you have some of the same habits that they’re trying to kick to the curb? I know it will be hard to, but my goal is to slowly but surely start changing my habits. I’ll keep you guys posted on how it goes. What are some of your bad bookish habits? Come on… I know you all have some too. 🙂