Alternate Reality Giveaway: THE WINNERS

Alternate Reality Giveaway


You guys!!! It’s OVER! *throws confetti*

I really liked doing this giveaway for you guys and it was even better cause I got to do it with Kayla over at The Thousand Lives (Don’t get used to my mushy stuff Kayla. It happens only once a year. lol). Now, onto what you guys really want to know… Who won?!

Grand Prize Winner


Runner Up Winner

Devon Kotch

Both winners have been contacted and must write back within 48 hours or someone else gets the goodies! Thank you everybody for participating by reading our posts and commenting on them. Next time, we’ll open it internationally so keep your eyes glued out for that one.


Alternate Reality Giveaway: The Post Apocalyptic World

Alternate Reality Giveaway


When I was in middle school, there were two types of books I loved to read and one of them was the “Post Apocalyptic World” type. The Post Apocalyptic sub-genre exists within the dystopian genre. Today, I am going to talk about why I love this sub genre the most, and why it attracts so many of us.

First, I want to start of by giving you a definition of the word apocalyptic. We all have some idea of what is it, but I wanted to find a universal definition. What does apocalyptic mean then? It means “Describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world” or something “Momentous or catastrophic” (Source: Oxford Dictionary). Now, a post apocalyptic book would be a book after a war that destroys the world. There are several series today that can fit in some way or form in this sub genre. Those are The Divergent Trilogy, The 5th Wave Trilogy, The Testing Trilogy, and a couple more. A lot of the series I’ve mentioned have been in the New York Times Best Seller List, have been made into movies, or a film company has bought the movie rights. This sub genre is very big in our day in age and I think I know why.

The Post Apocalyptic stories give us survival stories. We like to believe that even if the world would come to an end, some of us would survive. The stories within this genre are inspiring. They give us hope. They empower us, making us feel like we too can do brave, life-altering things. These stories give us hope in humanity, that even though some destroyed it, there are a few who can restore once again. This sub genre brings out the best and worst in human nature, and for some reason, we love to see that.

I myself love these type of stories because they empower me to be stronger. There are so many horrible things happening around the world today, that sometimes it feels like some of the stories I read will become reality. The stories in this sub genre give me hope for the future. They provide not only prove me with entertainment, but a view into what might happen if that event or war occurred. I know some of you may say “Veronica, this is fiction we are taking about,” and I totally agree with you, but a “human being” is writing the fiction. I think that says a lot more than we sometimes want to think it says.

I initially thought I was going to write a fun post about the Post Apocalyptic sub-genre, but this is what came out instead. Oops.


So tell me, why do you love to read stories in the Post-Apocalyptic World sub-genre? or the Dystopian genre in general?


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Alternate Reality Giveaway: The Survey

Alternate Reality Giveaway

This wonderful two week giveaway is slowly coming to an end, but fear not it is not over yet, and we have something fun for you. It’s “Let’s Read Survey with Snarky Commentary”. The snarky commentary was provided by Kayla at The Thousand Lives. So enjoy my fangirling and Kayla’s snark. And PLEASE tell me what you would answer. I would love to know!

Favorite Sci Fi book/series?
This is a hard one because I hardly ever read sci-fi…. but if I had to pick one it would be the Obsidian Series.

K: I know what I need to do this year.

Favorite Sci Fi Trope?
This is what happens when I make questions for Kayla’s entertainment. I dug myself into a whole and now I can’t answer this question because I am in no way familiar with sic fi.

K: You know that bookshelf of mine you were hugging? You two are about to become very intimate with one another. I have an entire sci-fi shelf calling your name.

If you could live in a science fiction world that exists in one of the books you’ve read, which one would it be?
I would totally live in the obsidian series world cause it is just like our world but there are some hot aliens in that world.


Is there a trope you hate to see in sci fi?
I guess it would be the EARTH IS IN DANGER FROM ALIENS thing. It probably isn’t s trope, but I feel like that’s all people think about when they hear sic-fi, and it isn’t all just that. Even I know that.

K: BUT THAT’S THE BEST KIND OF SCI-FI. WHAT is wrong with you??? Okay maybe not the “danger from aliens” is always fantastic but if there are no aliens in sci-fi then something’s gone very wrong. HELLO – Star Trek and Star Wars??

Who is your favorite male character in the YA dystopian genre? Why?
Oh dear… so many to pick from! Let me think… All I can think about is Four and no one compares. Four is a fighter and he respects others. He doesn’t want to just be labeled as one thing, but he wants to encompass it all. This is why he tattooed all five factions on his back. He is fiercely loyal and is just….ughhhh. He is also hot. Just had to mention that. (THEO JAMES <3)

K: He could have any kind of tattoo and I’d be cool with it as long as his shirt is off.

Who is your favorite female character in the YA dystopian genre? Why?
AWWW YEAH. Finally something I can talk about. Maybe because I just saw the Divergent movie, but at the moment it would be TRIS. Tris is just… so dynamic and she grows so much and she is in control of the relationships in her life and when she says no, people (*cough*four*cough) respects it.

K: Okay I kind of purposely put a different answer on mine because I knew I was being swayed by the movie. BUT THAT SCENE WHERE SHE CHASES THE TRAIN!!! I can’t get it out of my head it’s so amazing.

If you were told to pick between the following four dystopian worlds to live in, which one would you choose, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Testing, or Under the Never Sky? Why?
Oh my gosh I forgot that while I was setting up Kayla, I also set myself up. Danget. Okay. I would pick Divergent. Why?  Because I could have a higher chance of surviving, and DAUNTLESS.


Out of all of the guys you ship yourself with, which is THE fictional boyfriend?

K: Wow, really? I did not see this coming. I mean, I am completely blown away. I need to go rethink our friendship if I didn’t know this about you.

Do you prefer Fantasy mixed with another genre or pure, unadulterated Fantasy (aka High Fantasy)? Why?
I prefer Fantasy mixed with another genre. I discovered the fantasy genre through a like dystopian/fantasy hybrid. If you’re not a fantasy fan, reading a mixed genre book before reading high fantasy is the way to go. Think of it as the gateway drug. I had tried to read high fantasy novels before, but couldn’t. After reading a mixed genre one, I read a whole bunch of high fantasy and enjoyed it.

K: Dystopian/fantasy hybrid? Which one is that? Also I now feel like a drug dealer. “Come on kid, just try a bit of Percy Jackson and then I’ll get you the good stuff.”

Favorite Fantasy novel so far in 2014?
I don’t think I’ve read a fantasy novel in 2014. I even checked goodreads.


Angels or Half Angels?
Angels always.

K: Okay you’ve redeemed yourself.

Vampires or Werewolves?
Vampires. Done.

K: But if Ivashkov was a werewolf…

Favorite Paranormal novel?
Again… I totally unintentionally set myself up. I am going to pick….. SHADOW KISS by Richelle Mead. It’s the third book in the series. Yes, I am a masochist when it comes to books.

K: That wasn’t even the hard one! Oh wait now I remember oh dear god that one. But Blood Promise was pretty hard to get through too!

Which paranormal world would you live in if you had to pick one? Why?
Even though I think I would be scared I say the Vampire Academy one because Adrian Ivashkov would exist.

K: Should I just get you a life-size cardboard cutout? Flat Adrian?

If you were more than human, what would you choose to be? (Any being from a fantasy, sci fi, or paranormal novels)

K: Again, completely stunned at this answer. NEVER saw it coming. Could I be your royal Moroi? I’d like some water magic please and thank you.

What faction would you choose if you were a part of the Divergent world? Why?
I’m totally not going to surprise Kayla and go with Dauntless. At times I may be such a scaredy cat, but when it comes to the people I love, I become fiercely loyal and defend them with everything. Once my friend and I were at Huntington Beach and I had to go to the bathroom. It was around 7pm and I told my friend wait outside, let me go quickly. I was literally only 2 minutes inside and when I came out, two guys were scaring my friend and trying to convince her to go with them. She kept saying no and looked terrified. I marched over furious and when the two men saw me, it seemed like they were going to say something, but then saw the look on my face and looked terrified. I told them, “What do you want!” Then surprisingly enough, they ran away. I didn’t even fear for my life, I feared for hers and nothing was going to happen to her on my watch. Afterward my friend said, “You should have seen your face. It said murder. I was even scared for them.” After that she felt totally safe with me. Haha. At times I can also get a little crazy and do things that are totally not safe. So overall, Dauntless would be hard, but I would totally fit in. Just need to get the muscle. HAHAHA

K: Okay A) the bathrooms at Huntington are DISGUSTING. B) I think you may have beaten my time for quickest bathroom run – though my sprint during Divergent was pretty epic if I do say so myself. TWO flights of stairs, plus across a lobby, all in five minutes. BAM. C) No crotch shot? I think that would have done the trick too. Back up that death glare with some muscle woman! D) I have a feeling you’d be the one dragging me through the physical tests of Dauntless initiation, and I’d do well with the mental tests.

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Alternate Reality Giveaway: The Paranormal

Alternate Reality Giveaway

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry for posting this so late, but life got in the way and I also totally blanked out. (I’m so sorry Kayla, please don’t kill me). It is Day 4 and Today I will be talking about the Paranormal Genre within YA.

When you think of the Paranormal genre what do you think? Twilight? At least most people do. They think of shiny sparkly vampires and werewolves. Or you might think of the cliche, lonely (or average) girl meets a hunky mysterious guy who just screams DANGER yet she cannot resist him and he turns out to be a fairy, vampire, werewolf, etc.  The Paranormal genre has gotten such a bad rep that most of us kind of inwardly cringe when recommended a paranormal book. We shy away from it.

Today I don’t really want to touch upon the “bad” of the paranormal, but focus on the GOOD. I want to change your view that not all paranormal books are cringe-worthy and cliche.

First off, we have Vampire Academy. Yes, I know the title is a little cringe worthy, and the covers of the series aren’t one of a kind either, but the written word inside those pages is something you’re going to want to read. Richelle Mead has created this fascinating world where we have good vampires, bad vampires, and something called a dhamphir, a half human, half vampire hybrid. Also, the good vampires have “magical” powers which are connected to the four elements, and one extra one which… you’re going to have to read to find out about it cause it’s a big deal. Kayla was REALLY against reading any vampire book and paranormal stuff (unless we are talking about angels of course), but I convinced her to read this book. How did I accomplish this? I bought her the first book with the new cover. Let’s just say I have made her reconsider her vampire ban.

Second, we have The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. This book is creepy as heck, and the sequel is even creepier. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is paranormal done well. The book confuses you in a good way. You are just as confused as the main character. You are both experiencing everything at the same time. Honestly though, If I had known they were as creepy as they are, I wouldn’t have read them because I don’t like reading scary stuff, but nonetheless it is good Paranormal YA. We do not see the cliche tropes (she’s is actually the dangerous one *hint*hint*), or the really unbelievable (in a bad way) insta-love.

Third, we have The Morganville Vampire Series. The vampires in this series are more of the traditional kind. The story is a little bland, but in no way is it cliche. I think its the writing style which makes me call it bland, yet I read the first 5 books in two months. I was hooked. At the time when I read them the books were only in that funky trade paperback version, but they were republished not too long ago and will now look beautiful on your bookshelf.

Lastly, I will give two examples of good Paranormal YA that turned bad. The first example is The Blue Bloods Series. The first four books had me at edge of my seat, they were unique and different. Then the fifth book came out and the story spun out of control. Like it went off the path it originally was on. It didn’t feel like I was reading the BB series anymore. I was really bummed. The second example is the House of Night Series. I like to call the HoN series a greek mythology and vampire hybrid. I was in love with this series during the first five books, but then came book 6, and then 7… and then 8…. and you get the picture. The story was stretched out because of the huge fandom (it was riding along the twilight wagon) and the books started going nowhere. I felt like we had been there and done that. Then it started getting really cliche and I lost all interest.

The Paranormal YA genre is a genre one has to tread carefully and search for the diamonds in the rough. They are out there and shouldn’t be judged along with its companions on the shelf.

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Are there any paranormal books that you’ve read recently that you have loved? Do tell! I need to add some books to my never ending TBR pile. 😀


Alternate Reality Giveaway: Trivia Crossword Answers

Alternate Reality Giveaway

Welcome back to Day 2 of our giveaway! Today is our first “fun” post, and Kayla and I put together a crossword puzzle based on some of our favorite fantasy and paranormal books. (Honestly though, I had way more fun watching Kayla go a bit crazy while making the list.) Click here to be taken to Kayla’s blog, where she has the initial questions and puzzle for you to fill out. Don’t forget to have fun! We didn’t make them too hard. 😀

After you’re finished come back here and check out your answers and report your scores below!

AR Trivia Answers


  • 3) Audra’s first piece of food in years – Fries
  • 10) Starship Violet and Tarver meet on – Icarus
  • 12) Jack Force’s angelic name – Abbadon
  • 13) The _______ sing the praises of the truth, but they never tell you how much it costs.” – Candor
  • 14) Angel found in the Fairchild manor – Ithuriel
  • 15) Said “I suppose that now, I must become more than either.” – Tris
  • 16) Raffe’s true name – Raphael


  • 1) The original number of entries in The Testing (in numerals) – 108
  • 2) The true name of Eragon’s self-forged sword – Brisingr
  • 4) The Darkling’s symbol – Eclipse
  • 5) The mark Rose receives after the battle in Shadow Kiss – Zvezda
  • 6) The Shape of Zel’s DNA in Control – Infinite
  • 7) The Epic that killed David’s father – Steelheart
  • 8) Said this line: “Rose is in red, but never in blue, sharp as a thorn, fights like one too.” – Adrian
  • 9) Fruit Scarlet first gives Wolf – Tomato
  • 11) The politically correct term for the Bugger invaders in Ender’s Game – Formic

So how did you do? Comment below and let us know! And don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

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Alternate Reality Giveaway (March 15 – March 31)

Alternate Reality Giveaway

Hi guys! I’m excited to announce my first ever collaboration giveaway! I am doing this giveaway together with Kayla over at The Thousand Lives (she’s freaking awesome) and we have some good stuff for you all. If you haven’t followed her yet, click here so you can keep up with all of the awesomeness! 

Over the next two weeks, until March 31st, Kayla and I will be posting back and forth on our blogs, and working together on some posts as well that are all a part of this interactive giveaway. This giveaway was designed with our blog friends and readers in mind, giving you the opportunity to win free stuff, but also have fun at the same time!

If you haven’t guessed by the title on our lovely banner (which was created by Kayla, you guys go boost her ego cause I am not going to 😛 ), this giveaway’s theme is Alternate Realities, which is our blanket name for paranormal, fantasy, fairy tale, and post-apocaltypic tales. So if you’re a huge contemporary lover, consider this your entry level course into the unknown! And if you’re a huge fan of these genres, welcome to the club!

Our posts will be split two ways: discussion (code for: fangirling) and fun/interactive games. Kayla will be discussing fantasy books (angels and demons) and fairy tales reworks. I will be discussing all things that creep in the night (basically paranormal), and the post-apocalyptic stories that will make you extremely grateful you are an inhabitant of Earth. Once per week, Kayla and I will combine our efforts and have a bit of fun, and maybe most likely make fools of ourselves.

Schedule of Posts:

Monday 3/17 – Kayla discusses angels and demons, and spotlights our first giveaway book

Wednesday 3/19 – Alternate Reality trivia crossword puzzle!

Friday 3/21 – I will discuss paranormal novels, and feature our second giveaway book

Monday 3/24 – Kayla discusses the “fairy tales reworked” trend in YA right now, and features our third giveaway book

Wednesday 3/26 – Kayla and I will take a survey and comment on each others’ answers. Warning: the claws are coming out!

Friday 3/28 – I will discuss post-apocalyptic tales, and spotlight our final giveaway book

Monday 3/31 – Final wrap up, and announcing the giveaway winners!

And here is what you guys have been waiting for! THE PRIZES!

Grand Prize Winner:

1 $10 book of their choice

ARC of Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Paperback of Ignite by Erica Crouch

Runner Up Winner:

ARC of Her Dark Curiosity by Megan Shepherd

Paperback of Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

BOTH winners will also receive a few extra goodies! I won’t spill all our secrets, but I can tell you that one of them is a mix CD made by Kayla which includes over four hours of music!

And now for the part no one ever really reads: The Rules.

You must be 13 years or older to enter.

All contestants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.

All giveaway entries will be received through rafflecopter.

Book Giveaway ends March 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm USA Pacific Coast Time.

Book Giveaway is open to USA and Canada residents only!

There will be two winners, a Grand Prize Winner and a Runner Up Winner.

Winner will be announced and contacted on Monday March 31st, 2014.

Winners must respond within 48 hours of receiving, “You have won!” message.

New winner will be drawn if original winner has not responded within the 48 hour period.

Winner will be determined through the rafflecopter random generator.

You must trust us with your address or else, no book. Sorry!

You can enter below in the rafflecopter box/link, and make sure to come back for our follow up posts!

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