Alternate Reality Giveaway: The Survey

Alternate Reality Giveaway

This wonderful two week giveaway is slowly coming to an end, but fear not it is not over yet, and we have something fun for you. It’s “Let’s Read Survey with Snarky Commentary”. The snarky commentary was provided by Kayla at The Thousand Lives. So enjoy my fangirling and Kayla’s snark. And PLEASE tell me what you would answer. I would love to know!

Favorite Sci Fi book/series?
This is a hard one because I hardly ever read sci-fi…. but if I had to pick one it would be the Obsidian Series.

K: I know what I need to do this year.

Favorite Sci Fi Trope?
This is what happens when I make questions for Kayla’s entertainment. I dug myself into a whole and now I can’t answer this question because I am in no way familiar with sic fi.

K: You know that bookshelf of mine you were hugging? You two are about to become very intimate with one another. I have an entire sci-fi shelf calling your name.

If you could live in a science fiction world that exists in one of the books you’ve read, which one would it be?
I would totally live in the obsidian series world cause it is just like our world but there are some hot aliens in that world.


Is there a trope you hate to see in sci fi?
I guess it would be the EARTH IS IN DANGER FROM ALIENS thing. It probably isn’t s trope, but I feel like that’s all people think about when they hear sic-fi, and it isn’t all just that. Even I know that.

K: BUT THAT’S THE BEST KIND OF SCI-FI. WHAT is wrong with you??? Okay maybe not the “danger from aliens” is always fantastic but if there are no aliens in sci-fi then something’s gone very wrong. HELLO – Star Trek and Star Wars??

Who is your favorite male character in the YA dystopian genre? Why?
Oh dear… so many to pick from! Let me think… All I can think about is Four and no one compares. Four is a fighter and he respects others. He doesn’t want to just be labeled as one thing, but he wants to encompass it all. This is why he tattooed all five factions on his back. He is fiercely loyal and is just….ughhhh. He is also hot. Just had to mention that. (THEO JAMES <3)

K: He could have any kind of tattoo and I’d be cool with it as long as his shirt is off.

Who is your favorite female character in the YA dystopian genre? Why?
AWWW YEAH. Finally something I can talk about. Maybe because I just saw the Divergent movie, but at the moment it would be TRIS. Tris is just… so dynamic and she grows so much and she is in control of the relationships in her life and when she says no, people (*cough*four*cough) respects it.

K: Okay I kind of purposely put a different answer on mine because I knew I was being swayed by the movie. BUT THAT SCENE WHERE SHE CHASES THE TRAIN!!! I can’t get it out of my head it’s so amazing.

If you were told to pick between the following four dystopian worlds to live in, which one would you choose, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Testing, or Under the Never Sky? Why?
Oh my gosh I forgot that while I was setting up Kayla, I also set myself up. Danget. Okay. I would pick Divergent. Why?  Because I could have a higher chance of surviving, and DAUNTLESS.


Out of all of the guys you ship yourself with, which is THE fictional boyfriend?

K: Wow, really? I did not see this coming. I mean, I am completely blown away. I need to go rethink our friendship if I didn’t know this about you.

Do you prefer Fantasy mixed with another genre or pure, unadulterated Fantasy (aka High Fantasy)? Why?
I prefer Fantasy mixed with another genre. I discovered the fantasy genre through a like dystopian/fantasy hybrid. If you’re not a fantasy fan, reading a mixed genre book before reading high fantasy is the way to go. Think of it as the gateway drug. I had tried to read high fantasy novels before, but couldn’t. After reading a mixed genre one, I read a whole bunch of high fantasy and enjoyed it.

K: Dystopian/fantasy hybrid? Which one is that? Also I now feel like a drug dealer. “Come on kid, just try a bit of Percy Jackson and then I’ll get you the good stuff.”

Favorite Fantasy novel so far in 2014?
I don’t think I’ve read a fantasy novel in 2014. I even checked goodreads.


Angels or Half Angels?
Angels always.

K: Okay you’ve redeemed yourself.

Vampires or Werewolves?
Vampires. Done.

K: But if Ivashkov was a werewolf…

Favorite Paranormal novel?
Again… I totally unintentionally set myself up. I am going to pick….. SHADOW KISS by Richelle Mead. It’s the third book in the series. Yes, I am a masochist when it comes to books.

K: That wasn’t even the hard one! Oh wait now I remember oh dear god that one. But Blood Promise was pretty hard to get through too!

Which paranormal world would you live in if you had to pick one? Why?
Even though I think I would be scared I say the Vampire Academy one because Adrian Ivashkov would exist.

K: Should I just get you a life-size cardboard cutout? Flat Adrian?

If you were more than human, what would you choose to be? (Any being from a fantasy, sci fi, or paranormal novels)

K: Again, completely stunned at this answer. NEVER saw it coming. Could I be your royal Moroi? I’d like some water magic please and thank you.

What faction would you choose if you were a part of the Divergent world? Why?
I’m totally not going to surprise Kayla and go with Dauntless. At times I may be such a scaredy cat, but when it comes to the people I love, I become fiercely loyal and defend them with everything. Once my friend and I were at Huntington Beach and I had to go to the bathroom. It was around 7pm and I told my friend wait outside, let me go quickly. I was literally only 2 minutes inside and when I came out, two guys were scaring my friend and trying to convince her to go with them. She kept saying no and looked terrified. I marched over furious and when the two men saw me, it seemed like they were going to say something, but then saw the look on my face and looked terrified. I told them, “What do you want!” Then surprisingly enough, they ran away. I didn’t even fear for my life, I feared for hers and nothing was going to happen to her on my watch. Afterward my friend said, “You should have seen your face. It said murder. I was even scared for them.” After that she felt totally safe with me. Haha. At times I can also get a little crazy and do things that are totally not safe. So overall, Dauntless would be hard, but I would totally fit in. Just need to get the muscle. HAHAHA

K: Okay A) the bathrooms at Huntington are DISGUSTING. B) I think you may have beaten my time for quickest bathroom run – though my sprint during Divergent was pretty epic if I do say so myself. TWO flights of stairs, plus across a lobby, all in five minutes. BAM. C) No crotch shot? I think that would have done the trick too. Back up that death glare with some muscle woman! D) I have a feeling you’d be the one dragging me through the physical tests of Dauntless initiation, and I’d do well with the mental tests.

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