Editor Letter, To-Read

Sunday Updates

Why We Are Here

Hello everyone, Veronica here. Today’s post will be one of updates, and life rambles.

The end of September and most of October has been hard for both Anjie and I. It has been difficult to blog and we apologize for the inactivity of it all.

The Good Stuff

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my new lovely friend Kayla (who is The Thousand Lives) and she let me borrow some books which I am very excited to read!

Also, you guys I finally have a FULL TIME JOB. Yes!! I am super excited! I start at the end of this month so it will be great! I’m also moving to a new place at the end of this month so many new life changes are happening… All at once! I’m so happy that it is all coming together. I can feel peace again. PTL!

Also, before I knew I was moving and that I got the job, I had signed up for NANOWRIMO so… November is going to be crazy!

What To Expect

Even though all of this good craziness is happening, I will be reading a lot this coming week in preparation for my future hectic schedule. The rest of October you’re going to see a lot of activity on this blog which may lead you to think I am not sleeping. (I assure you, I will be. ;] )

I will post likely queue some posts for the future as well.

That is all I have for this update and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

– Veronica

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