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Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

toptentuesday-1Thank you The Broke and the Bookish for this wonderful Tuesday Meme

This week’s topic is one that I’m really excited to see because the spotlight is on secondary characters! Woo! Anjie wasn’t able to make it to this week’s TTT because college is back in session. Please wish her luck in the comments on this new semester! I am sad to say that this week I am rather busy too, so I will be doing a Top 5 instead of a Top 10. Okay, let’s stop the chatting and get right into it!

TOP 10 5

1. Eddie Castile – Vampire Academy/Bloodlines

He is just amazing. The character development he goes through in both series is tremendous, and honestly I prefer him to Dimitri (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone).

2. Sam – Twenty Boy Summer

I don’t know if he can be qualified as a secondary character, but he is just so sweet to Anna and helps her cope with Matt’s death without him knowing. He also likes girls au natural, not big into seeing girls with a lot of make up. In my book, he earns extra brownie points for that.

3. Bex, Liz, & Macey – Gallagher Girls 

Cammie’s rommates, The Operatives as they like to call themselves. If I were in a spy school, I would want them to have my back. Yes, even Liz. She may be clumsy, but she is the most dangerous one of them all with all her brain can do.

4. Roar – Under the Never Sky

He is funny, sweet, loyal, sarcastic, and fun. I like him more than the main love interest.

5. Uriah – Divergent

While I was reading Divergent, I was happy to see that Tris had someone like Uriah, not just Four. I love that he always stayed in the platonic friendship stage, and Veronica Roth did not make him apart of a love triangle. I was so happy about that.

What are some of your favorite secondary characters?


Anjie: I’m so happy that I found time to add my own list to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday because I absolutely love this topic! Secondary characters definitely help out in the plot, and I’ve got a number of favorites. Thank you for the warm wishes 🙂 it means a lot!

6. Finnick Odair– Catching Fire

I just love his entire character and what he stands for and represents. I love his sassiness and his one-liners. I love that there is something deeper and meaningful past his beautiful physique.

7. Scott Parnell– Crescendo

He’s also known as Scottie the Hottie in the novel and I very well cannot disagree. I got to admit though, he wasn’t a favorite at first, but I definitely warmed up to him. He’s hilarious and even though he has his problems, he tries his hardest to work through them.

8. Prince Raffin- Graceling

He’s a really funny character and he’s always there for Katsa. I love that he is the opposite of his king father. Plus, he’s really smart.

9. Cadan– Angelfire

I love these “bad boys” who really have a heart of gold! Cadan is one of them and he’s just precious. He’s very witty and has some great comebacks. I love that he tries to shy away from his father no matter the consequences.

10. Magnus Bane Clockwork Angel

I know that he’s also a secondary in the Mortal Instruments series, but I honestly enjoyed his character way more in The Infernal Devices. This probably has to do with his amazing friendship and relationship with Will Herondale.

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