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Review: The Lies That Bind (Liar Society #2)

The Lies That Bind (Liar Society #2)
The Lies That Bind (Liar Society #2)

Just finished reading The Lies that Bind and I must say I loved it!

It took me longer to finish this book than I anticipated because I would constantly get mad at the main character or the supporting characters! LIKE COME ON NOW! Apart from that though, the twists in this story kept me completely engrossed. These writing sisters know how to make a good book! I did not expected the ending at all!

I must now wait for the third book to come out who knows when…but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

I give this book a 4.5 out of 5. It doesn’t get a complete 5 because there was one chapter in the book that made me go, “Come one now! Get on with it!” but apart from that, I cannot complain! I loved it and I’m sure you will too. This is some good YA here. I suggest you read it if you haven’t! Don’t forget to read the first book 1st! It’s called The Liar Society.

And with this amateur review of the book I sign off!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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