Christmas Break To-Read List

Hello Christmas Break!

I’ve been waiting for the semester to end so I could read!

My list for the week and a half I have off school is the following:

  1. The Lies That Bind by Lisa & Laura Roecker (YA)
  2. Take a Chance on Me by Jill Mansell (Chick Lit/Fiction)
  3. Forgotten God by Francis Chan (Religious)
  4. Girl v. By by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout (YA)
  5. Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah (Fiction/Literature)
The books I will be reading this Christmas Break.
The books I will be reading this Christmas Break.

The Lies That Bind is the second book in the The Liar Society book series. It is a pretty good series for a YA detective/secret society type of book. Its written by two sisters, maybe that has something to do with it. Two heads do think better than one, right? I’m currently halfway through The Lies That Bind and I have not been disappointed yet. I hope not to be.

I will also be reading “The Making of a Story” a Norton textbook. Yes, I bought it for fun. I’ve been writing a lot lately and I want to make myself a better writer and I can’t do that without some textbooks.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I plan on making a page of all the books I’ve read or… maybe I’ll just post a goodreads link instead. I want to spend this break reading, not just stuck to my computer like I have been for the past four months. One more semester of university and I’m done! Praise God for that!

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