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Contemporary Conversations #2

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The time has come to start preparing for the 2nd Contemporary Conversations!

This year things will be the same for the most part except for one major thing, it will only be hosted at The Talking Bookworm. You can expect to see posts both from myself (Veronica) and Liz throughout the entire month of March.

Start making the reading lists and coming up with ideas you want to discuss with your fellow book-loving peers.

The following is to refresh the minds of those who participated last year [and probably forgot everything there is to Contemporary Conversations] and also if this is your first time seeing this *waves* you can learn what Contemporary Conversations is all about.

The Down Low

For the entire month of March (2016), starting Tuesday the 1st and going through Thursday the 31st, we will be reviewing, discussing, and talking about all things contemporary. Our goal is to saturate the web with all things Contemporary!

The young adult contemporary genre has quite a range of sub-genres, so we are here to make things a little bit easier for you. We have attached a sub-genre to each week to help book planning a bit smoother.

  • Week One (1st-7th): Spy/Thriller
  • Week Two (8th-14th): Coming of Age
  • Week Three (15th-21st): Romance
  • Week Four (22nd-28th): Re-Reads
  • Week Five (29th-31st): Wrap-Up Posts, and Announcement of Giveaway Winner

And just as last year, we will be doing a giveaway and all participants will be able to enter for up to $15 to either Amazon or The Book Depository. To answer everybody’s question… it will be international!

The How

If you will be participating in Contemporary Conversations in March of 2016, this is what you must do.

First, add your name and a link to your blog to our linky at the bottom of this post.

Second, plan your books! We will be posting our reading lists in the next week or two so you can join into the discussion if you may like so come March!

Third, have fun! We are mostly focusing on reviews and discussions, but one of us may or may not be hosting a 24-hour ready-a-thon! If you would like to host one yourself, be our guests!

Last, but not least, use #contempconvos on Twitter. It will help everyone find your posts from the month!

We would love it if you wrote a post on your blog announcing your participation this year and helped spread the word.


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