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ContempConvos: Week 3 Wrap Up and Spies, Revenge, and Conspiracies Week Intro


Life happened at the end of this week and I didn’t have this post scheduled so I apologize it is coming a little bit late today. But…


I can’t believe we are almost at the end of this. One more week and Contemporary Conversations is over.. *cries*

I’ve had tons of fun doing this and I hope you guys have had as much fun participating as well. Below is a list of the posts that were a part of “The Re-Reads” week. If we missed your post or discussion by any chance, go ahead and leave it down in the comments below and we will add it to the list accordingly.


Discussions and Fun:

Week 4 is the week I have been anticipating the most since the very beginning. It focuses on several sub-genres I am very passionate about. This week it is all about  spies, conspiracies, and drama. I am a sucker for those sub-genres and I wish they were more popular than they are.

We will be having a challenge this week too! Throughout the week, on both Kayla’s and my posts, you’ll find clues hidden around. All of the clues will put together the answer that you’ll need on Friday – the correct answer gets you an extra point in our giveaway!

Who is excited for this week?!  I AM!


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