Contemporary Conversations

ContempConvos: Week 2 Wrap up and ReReads Week Intro


Now that was a challenging week. You guys really went in deep and there were some amazing discussions and it’s almost unbelievable how many hard-stuff books you guys found. I’m amazed. I want to thank all for taking this topic so seriously and joining Kayla and I as we navigated through topics that many don’t want to talk about.

Below is a list of the posts that were a part of “The Hard Stuff” week. If we missed your post or discussion by any chance, go ahead and leave it down in the comments below and we will add it to the list accordingly.


Discussions and Fun:

This week’s topic is something we are ALL looking forward to.



I read some of my favorite books for this week! Gosh, I literally fangirled with both of them. In all honesty, I feel like the books I reread for this week are even better than I remembered them to be.

This week’s challenge will be posted first on Kayla’s side on Wednesday. I will be posting mine on Thursday. The gist of the challenge is this: provide the cover image, and possibly the synopsis if you choose, of 3-5 books, and give ONE gif that sums up the book. No words allowed! Fun is a requirement!

Now, Go Forth and Have Fun!

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