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ContempConvos: Week 1 Wrap-Up and Disabilities Week Intro


We did it! The first week is over! *throws confetti*
Thank you everyone who has participated so far and to those who survived midterms week, kudos to you for getting through it. *four for you glen coco, you go glen coco*

If you want to check out posts of those who participated in the first week check them out below!


Discussions and Stuff:

Now, next week’s topic is a serious one, one that has been getting much attention the past couple of years…


This week is meant for us to read and discuss the hard topics that many don’t want to talk about. About mental illness, about the difficulties of having some sort of disability, a mental or physical one, and how it affects those who love the people suffering from any sort of disability.

We aren’t having any challenges, but instead there will be a lot of discussion going on, Kayla taking the lead this week.

If we forgot to list one of your posts from Week 1, add your link to the link up and we will add it to the list!

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