Contemporary Conversations

The Beginning of Contemporary Conversations


HUZZAH! It is finally time for the festivities to start! I am so freaking excited! I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.

First of all, add your name and a link to your blog to our linky at the bottom of this post. We would love you forever if you also made a post that announced your intention to participate, and spread the word so more people can join in!

Second, plan your books! Kayla and I may have amounted an insane amount of books to read for March, and you are welcome to do the same! Review as many as you would like.

Third, have fun! We’ll be making lists and writing discussions, but anything and everything goes. Some other ideas include cover hunts, first line guessing games, bingo cards, reading challenges, read-a-thons, author interviews, giveaways… the list goes on!

Last, but not least, use #contempconvos on Twitter. It will help everyone find your posts from the month!

The Challenges:

Many thanks to Shannelle @ The Art of Escapism for suggesting this! We’ll have three challenges this month (not one during “disabilities/mental illness/the hard stuff” week because we have a lot of discussions planned), and we’d love to see you join in!

This week: break out your Frost, Shakespeare, Neruda – it’s time to write some poetry! Book spine poetry, of course. And since this IS an event about contemporary books, you get brownie points from us if your poem is all in contemporary books. And trust me – you want brownie points.

I’ll be posting my poem on Kayla’s side on Thursday, so whenever you post yours (doesn’t matter what day), just remember to stop by and link up!

*drum roll*

This week’s theme is COMING OF AGE STORIES

If you have any questions or need some direction when it comes to “Coming of Age” contemporary books, don’t hesitate to tweet Kayla or I, or DM us. We are here to help!

Posts to come this week:

  • Review of Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
  • Review of The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen
  • Checking In on Wednesday’s
  • Emma (Miss Print) talk’s about Coming of Age Stories on Thursday

Don’t forget to link your initial participating post down below and let the fun begin!

If you are participating, don’t forget to enter in the month long giveaway!

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