#(f)mcm (Fictional) Man Crush Monday


I will be joining #(f)mcm aka (Fictional) Man Crush Monday for the first time ever!  As you all probably know by now if you read my post on Saturday, Anjie (my bestie and ex-staff member) left my blog to start one all on her own.  She made this up and urged me to join her so like the good best friend I aspire to be, I said, “Maybe, Idk, Maybe”. Aren’t I the best?! (Yes, that was a rhetorical question lol) Anyways enough of that, Let’s get to the good part.

As I thought of who would be my first fictional man crush only one name came to mind. Anyone wants to guess? You sure that’s who you want to go with? Going once? Twice? Well if you thought Adrian Ivashkov you would have won this round.

Yes, I am using Book Trailer Adrian Ivashkov because I didn’t like the other fan casts I found. I feel like no one alive is his Doppelganger. This actor/model is the closest that does it for me. And even then… but still he’s hot so I’ll let it go…


Adrian Ivashkov is sweet, loving, witty, appreciates the good things in life, and is fiercely loyal. I can go on and on about Adrian, but I kind of don’t want to tell you. He’s mine. Not yours. I’m not about to share him with you. I don’t want you to fall in love with him too.

If you don’t know where Adrian Ivashkov is from *gasp* he first appears in Frostbite, the second book of the Vampire Academy series. He takes center stage in the Bloodlines series, the Vampire Academy spin-off series. If you want to know why I’m so in love with him, read the books. Yes, you can love him too, but he’s mine. Understood? Good. We can be friends again. 🙂

If you want to see Anjie’s post click here.

Who’s your Fictional Man Crush this Monday?

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