The ABC’s (1)

abcbanner1Isn’t Andi’s ABC’s banner cute? I thought so too.

I’ve decided to join Andi this week and do my very own ABC’s list. If you want to know how this blog feature works, click here and it will take you to her original post where it all started.



Giani Bernini Handbag, Large Glazed Leather Tote

I recently saw this bag and I decided that I want it. I own two other Giani Bernini Hangbags and I love them. This one to me though screams “Power Suit” or “Professional Woman” which is exactly the type of bag I’ve been looking for. Oh and one that actually fits all of my stuff.



Into The Still Blue is a book I’ve been anticipating for a while now, and it finally came out yesterday. And as you probably would have guessed, I pre ordered it. If you haven’t read the Under The Never Sky series, I suggest you do so.



Sierra Mock-Neck Faux-Leather Jacket

You probably don’t know that I am obsessed with leather jackets. I only own two. A black one and a plum colored one. I was going through the Guess website and I saw this beauty. I’ve been looking for a leather jacket that is fitted. The black one I currently own is not. It’s more of a biker leather jacket. Boxy one could even say.

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