16 Blogging Days of Winter – Day 11


Which book character would you like to spend NYE with?

Oh my, Oh My… This is a very HARD question. I can choose from so many characters that I don’t even know where to begin. I sat here for a minute and it hit me. The character I would like to spend New Year’s Everwith would be ADRIAN IVASHKOV.

Team Adrian YA Crush Tourney

He is sweet, sensitive, funny, the life of the party, and unbelievable sexy. I would be crazy if I wouldn’t want to spend NYE with this beautiful boy.

Now, who would you spend NYE with?

2 thoughts on “16 Blogging Days of Winter – Day 11”

  1. I can’t believe it took you a while to figure it out! I saw the question and thought, “Oh well that’s easy! Mr. Adrian’s going to be joining us tonight!”

    And I’d totally be okay with you bringing him over FYI. In case you were wondering 😉

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