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Book Review: Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

Epic Fail by Clare LaZebnik
Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

When I first saw this book the title through me off. Epic Fail? What type of book title is that?! I am very glad I decided to take a chance on it and read it anyways.

At first, it seemed to be your run-of-the-mill cliché and fluffy young adult book. You have Elise who moves to Los Angeles and starts going to a private prep school where the majority of the student body consists of Hollywood brats (or at least that’s how Elise sees them). Then we meet Derek who will be her love interest. A very interesting character with some pride and a bit of prejudice thrown. Hope you caught what I just did. 😉

Someone said in their review of the book that this book was a gobbler. A gobbler is a fun book you can read in one sitting, and it was just that!

I was so pleased with this sort of cliche, fun, lovey-dovey book. It’s hard to find these type of books nowadays. A good amount of YA books appear to be gobblers but are not. They are like the gobbler’s dumb and boring cousin.

Anyways, if you want something fun to read, pick up Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik. You won’t be disappointed!

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